The Guilford Free Library, as part of the Libraries Online (aka LION) consortium, now has a Minecraft server available to patrons ages 17 and younger.  Once you have been whitelisted, you can play on this server online from the library or from home with other children in the region.  Read on for more information.

Q:  Who can sign up?
A:  Guilford patrons with an up-to-date library card with less than $5 in fines who are age 17 or younger.  Patrons from other libraries have to go to their home library to sign up.  Older patrons cannot use the server.  You must have your own library card to sign up; you may not use your parents’ cards or siblings’ cards.

Q:  How do I sign up?
A:  Fill out a Minecraft Server Request form , have signed by a parent, you’ll be added to the server whitelist within 24 hours.  If you are in grade 5 or under and want to be able to fight and chat with other players, your parents must sign the second portion of the form too.  Forms are available at the library in the children’s room or upstairs at the reference desk.

Q:  How do I access the server?
A:  Open Minecraft, log in, set to version to the most current one, connect to minecraft.lioninc.org .  Full directions are in the patron code of conduct you were given when you signed up.

Q:  When/where can I use the server?
A:  Once you are whitelisted, you can use the server from any computer with an internet connection and able to run Minecraft, at any time.  Regardless of when you play, you are bound by the code of conduct.

Q:  I don’t have a Minecraft account.  Can I still play?
A:  You may use a library guest account for a limited time while at the library, but be aware that you will not be able to save your work and other guests may undo whatever you have done.  You will not get a username or password to take home.  A librarian will set you up on a library computer for the duration of your play time.  You are still bound by the code of conduct.

Q:  Does this cost me anything?
A:  Playing on the server is free, but you must already have a Minecraft account, which you must purchase through the Minecraft developers, Mojang, on their website:  https://minecraft.net  .  The library does not get involved in purchasing a Minecraft account, and the library cannot help you recover your Minecraft username or password.

Q:  Will my Minecraft account on my tablet, mobile device, or game console work on your server?
A:  No.  These are Mojang’s rules, not the library’s.  You must purchase a Minecraft account for computer use through their website.  It’s like saying, “I have the VHS version of this movie, so the studio should give me the DVD and Blu-Ray versions too.”  The Minecraft accounts are separate purchases for separate gaming systems.

Q:  I have a problem in-game.  Who do I contact?
A:  Send a message in-game to gfladmin detailing the nature of your problem, glitch, or altercation with another player who is not following the rules.  Include as much detail as possible, including time, date, usernames involved, and what the problem is.

Q:  How do I get around?  What are the different worlds?  What can I do in them?
A:  There is a world map and other information on the server’s website:  minecraft.lioninc.org