Contact-free book pick up

Contact-Free Pickup of Books and DVDs now available!

How to Order
By Phone: Call 203-453-8282 to order items  10 am-5 pm or online at
–limit of 5 items per card
–items MUST be owned by Guilford Free Library (we cannot get items from other libraries at this time).
–Staff will arrange a pick up time when you call to place your hold. We will be trying to process as many requests as possible so if at all possible consult our catalog prior to calling and have a back up request ready if your first choice is unavailable.
–We will offer pickup windows throughout each day. You may request a specific day or window, but availability for each slot will be limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

How to pick up materials
All pickups will take place outside in the library parking lot. (under the canopy if it is raining)
Items will be arranged alphabetically by the patron’s last name.
Please wear a face covering when picking up items and observe all posted signs.
During your pickup, staff will remain inside the building. If you have questions, please call or email. Please do not try to access the building.
How to return material: All items must be returned in the outside book drop.
Staff will not be allowed to accept any items in person.

Safety Information
Staff members are taking all possible precautions while working inside the building to fulfill your item requests. We are wearing masks and gloves, and are working in zones, so as not to overlap each other. Items that are returned are placed in quarantine for 3 days.