Sisters in Cloth

Event Details

A Halloween/Fall Walk of fiber art in the passageway leads to the meeting room, where “Gratitude” is the theme. Our work is based on quilting – stitching through layers of fabrics, but is not limited to that technique. Some pieces are abstract – creating an impression or evoking an emotion without using a strong image. Others contain easily recognizable images. The Halloween/Fall Walk has smaller pieces, many depicting pumpkins or leaves. Gratitude has larger pieces, again created using different methods – traditional piecing or applique work; modern piecing or design; machine or hand quilting. Each artist in the group has a unique style and interprets each theme according to her own creative spark. And each piece in the Gratitude section tells a little about our personal interests – gratitude for the people of Ukraine fighting for democracy; gratitude for being able to create art; gratitude for Sisters in Cloth; gratitude for natural beauty and resources.