Help Butterflies and Bees!

butter 3In lieu of our usual in-person Butterfly Garden Club, we invite interested people of all ages to help the library contribute to pollinator data.  It’s simple, quick, and a great family activity.  This citizen science helps scientists and conservationists gather more complete data from all over the country to aid in understanding struggling bee and butterfly populations.


1.  Learn to identify common pollinators, both native and foreign, using this handy guide:  Bees ID

2.  If you’re stopping by the butterfly garden outside the library, identify flowers using this handy guide:  Butterfly Garden Guide
Or, check out these plant ID books & apps:  Click here.

3.  Download this pollinator count sheet:     Word Format   or   PDF

4.  Email the completed form (or a picture of it if all the fields are legible) to:
OR create your own account if you like on

5.  All completed pollinator count forms sent in by email by August 31st will be entered to win free native flower seeds to add to their own home gardens (seeds will be the type that can be planted outside in autumn/winter and will then germinate the following spring).