Historical Room Reproductions for Sale

Reproductions of selected Historical Room materials are available for sale at the Circulation Desk:

Guilford Papers series: $ 5 each 

  • Some historic persons and events in Guilford / Nona Bloomer
  • A Guilford bibliography / Nona Bloomer, compiler
  • The Guilford green / Nona Bloomer
  • Guilford and the great New England hurricane of 1938 / Penny Colby
  • Fire and ice, death and faith : the genesis of the Guilford Green / Norman MacLeod
  • From Oiockcommock to Hoadley’s Creek : A ‘Topsy-Turvy’ Tale of the Guilford-Branford Coastal Boundary / Nona Bloomer
  • Slavery and Freedom In Madison and Guilford Connecticut / Dennis Culliton

Guilford Bicentennial Pages: $2.50

Guilford Purchase of 1639: $4.00

Sketch Map of Old Guilford by Charles Hubbard: $10.00

Map of 1639 Original Homelots: $1.00

Map from Atlas of New Haven County (F.W. Beers, 1868): $4.00

Montage of Guilford Houses by Judith Rayner: $10.00

Bird’s Eye View of Guilford, 1881 $5.00