Local Resources for Historical Research

Guilford Preservation Alliance1 Guilford Preservation Alliance (GPA) is a non-profit group in the town of Guilford, CT, whose mission is to preserve and protect  the built and natural heritage of the town of Guilford. Incorporated in 1980, the GPA has been active in promoting the preservation of  the diverse buildings, landscapes, and streetscapes that contribute to the quality of the town of Guilford.Includes the recently updated survey of architecturally significant structures.
Guilford Keeping Society
The Guilford Keeping Society
collects, preserves and shares the history and heritage of Guilford, CT for present and future generations.
Henry Whitfield House Image The Henry Whitfield State Museum in Guilford, Connecticut, features the 1639 home of Guilford founders, Rev. Henry Whitfield and his family. The museum collection includes many Guilford family pieces as well as a research library of primary and secondary resources, including merchant ledgers, Guilford tax lists and town meeting minutes, and the Burgis Book of Mortality..
Hyland House Image
The Hyland House Museum
in Guilford, Connecticut, is one of New England’s oldest house museums whose mission is to share the community’s rich colonial history and to inspire ongoing stewardship of that legacy. The Dorothy Whitfield Historic Society purchased the House in 1916 and opened it to the public as a museum in 1918.
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Click here to access digital scans of the Shoreline Times, Clapboard Hill Newspaper, Leete’s Island Times, and Guilford Courier


Looking for the Grave of an Ancestor? 

Find information on local historic cemeteries here, or you can visit the library and use the books and maps located in the Historical Room. 

Find a Grave 

  • Search or browse cemeteries and grave records by clicking here.

Visit Guilford 

  • Take a look at Guilford’s Historic cemeteries by clicking here.

Alder Brook Cemetery

Bluff Head Cemetery

  • Off Route 77, just above Great Hill Road on the the left.
  • Contact: Robert Ashman (203) 453-0489.

Foote-Ward Cemetery

  • Bearhouse Hill Road
  • This private cemetery is the burial site of the Foote and Ward families of Guilford.

Fowler Cemetery

  • 2804 Boston Post Road (corner of Moose Hill Road and Boston Post Road).
  • This private cemetery is the burial site of the Fowler Family.

Goldsmith Cemetery

  • 1454 Moose Hill Road (across from Stony Hill Road)
  • This private cemetery is the burial site for members of the Goldsmith family.

Leetes Island Cemetery

  • Moose Hill Road (off Route 146)
  • Established circa 1801.

Murray Cemetery

Nut Plains Cemetery

  • Nut Plains Road (east side intersection of Nut Plains and Goose Lane).
  • Contact: John Sullivan Jr. (203) 453-4460.
  • Established circa 1818.

Old North Guilford Cemetery

  • Ledge Hill Road (Western side of intersection of Ledge Hill and Long Hill Road).
  • Contact: Donald Homer (203) 457-0107.

Saint George Cemetery

  • Route 77 (across from 5 Durham Road).
  • Contact: Saint George Church (203) 453-2788.

Westside Cemetery

  • Three Mile Course (off Boston Post Road).
  • Contact: Shelley Brothers
  • Established circa 1818.