Metamorphosis, Prints and Drawings by George Schaub

February 1 – February 27th in the Hallway and Meeting Room Galleries

Three works by George Schaub: Freebird, Forest and Garden

Metamorphisis: “An alteration in appearance, character, or circumstances, typically marked by a more or less abrupt developmental change in the form or structure.”

Guilford photographer George Schaub will be exhibiting a body of work entitled “Metamorphisis” at the Guilford Free Library from February 1-28 th , 2024. The exhibit is open during normal library hours, with a reception scheduled for Feb 7, 2024 at 5-7PM.

While working as a custom photo darkroom printer for ten years, Schaub explored the potentials of tonal control, bas relief, paper negatives, metallic toning, hand coloring with watercolor and photo oils and pencils, plus collage and silk screen techniques. With the advent of computer processing and the broad paper and canvas surfaces available for pigment ink printing, he converted those skills and approaches to the digital medium.

For Schaub, this process prompts both abstract and enhanced images. “The enhanced images draw inspiration from the early art of hand-coloring and, for the most part, leave it recognizable. The abstract pieces are “derivations” that leave the original behind, an approach that is a kind of active Rorschach test that develops in real time on the surface of the paper or print during the work process.”

“A definite benefit of this approach,” said Schaub “is a heightened visual awareness in everyday walkaround perception and a growing recognition of “potential” source material, a kind of visual harvest that is fun and engaging. The easel work with pastels and charcoal evolves in
stages, usually a less than gradual evolution. Standing back every two hours or so can reveal the next step and raises the questions of When is it finished? What has emerged? Why has this evolved from that? This often makes the discovery process as interesting as the end result.”

The exhibit also features a number of prints of the original image next to the finished pieces and is accompanied by text that leads the viewer through the journey to the result.

The exhibit will be open during library hours with a portion of all sales donated to the Friend the Guilford Free Library.


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