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SSIL Program: Gravitational Waves, Black Holes and the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics with Professor Ronald L. Mallett


Professor Ronald L. Mallett will talk about the general theory of relativity. This includes Einstein’s theory of black holes and how the collision of black holes led to the sensational 2015 observation of the ripples of space and time, known as gravitational waves, which then resulted in the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics. Tuesday, October 16 at 1:30 pm. Co-sponsored by the Library and SSIL. Please register.

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“How we get the common cold” with Akiko Iwasaki

Model released photo of an Asian immunobiologist with a forceps, looking at a glass slide of virus infected skin tissue

Akiko Iwasaki, professor of Immunobiology and Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology at the Yale School of Medicine, will speak on her research on rhinoviruses and how we get the common cold. Wednesday, October 17 at 7 pm. Please register.

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Guilford Comic Con 2018

Comic Con 2017 square button

Are you a grownup who loves superheroes and Harry Potter? Are you a kid who loves anime and comics? Is Star Wars totally your thing? Do you love to dress up as your favorite pop culture character? No matter who you are or what fandom you belong to, you’re sure to have fun at our free all-day event for lovers of comics, sci-fi, fantasy, games, and more! Free and open to all. Please click here for more info!  

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